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Installation Questions

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Q: What is just 'Plug and Play'?
A: In many cases, our products are what we call 'Plug and Play' - which means that it is a direct replacement that only requires two steps to set up. Step one is simply plugging it into place (which is often explained with the included instructions) and then, step two, playing or enjoying your new product. The idea behind 'Plug and Play' is that installation is nearly as simple as it gets.

Q: What tools do I need?
A: For the majority of our products, all that is needed is a screwdriver (both Standard and Phillips) for installation.

Q: Can I install your products on my own or do I have to take it to a shop?
A: Most all installations for our products are simple enough to do on your own. We include instructions with all of our products and offer full email technical support for our clients to see to it that the installation process is as painless as possible.

Q: While my core units are out, can I still drive my car?
A: Yes. For all units that you send in for modification (such as the interior lighting conversion kit), you will still be able to drive and operate your car. Even with this in mind, however, we will work with you to return your modified units to you as soon as possible.

Q: Do I have to cut any wires for your Interior Lighting Kits?
A: For the most part, no, you will not be required to cut any wires (unless mentioned otherwise on your order receipt)

Q: How long does your interior lighting conversion kit light for?
A: We currently proudly use LED technology for our interior lighting conversion kits. This being the case, these kits theoretically should have at least 100,000 hours of lighting life. In addition to the long life span (compared to conventional bulbs), LED technology also has low power consumption - which, in turn, will not drain your battery as much either.

Q: What can I do if I have further questions?
A: Simply send an email to our technical support department.