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LED Conversion Kit


1991-1996 Dodge Stealth | 1991-1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT

Made to Order

Custom Specifications:

Product Details

Midnight Auto Concepts is proud to announce the release of the 100% custom interior lighting conversion kits for all year and model Dodge Stealth's and Mitsubishi 3000GT's. These kits come in nearly every main color imaginable and make a great addition to any show car.

We offer this kit as a full package or you are welcome to buy each part individually (depending on your budget). However, when bought as a full package you will receive the largest discount on the final price.

As an additional bonus, Midnight Auto Concepts stand by their products with such pride that we are offering a complete 30 Day Product Warranty with these kits. This meaning, if a LED/light burns out or there is any complication at all we will be more than happy to fix the problem free of charge.

Finally, and one of the things our clients enjoy the most, is the fact that each modified unit should take you a total of about five to fifteen minutes for installation. All that is needed for installation is a screwdriver to access each unit. This is the true meaning of plug and play!

All installation directions, with diagrams, are included as well. If for some reason you run into a problem with installation, we offer full e-mail technical support to assure that all products are installed correctly.


  • Customized color options.
  • Easy installation.
  • Utilizes energy efficient LED technology.
  • Lifetime: 35,000 to 50,000 hours (3-5x more than bulbs)
  • Produces much less heat than the OEM lighting.
  • Shock resistant.
  • Dimmable.
  • Environmentally friendly.


  • Full 30-Day Product Warranty
  • Unlimited E-Mail Installation Technical Support

Designed For:

  • 1991-1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT (Base, SL & VR4)
  • 1991-1996 Dodge Stealth (Base, ES, RT & RT/TT)

What's Included:

  • Driver-side Power Windows/Locks Button
  • Passenger-side Power Windows/Locks Button
  • Driver-side Floorboard Lights
  • Passenger-side Floorboard Lights
  • Steering Wheel Remote Radio Controls
  • Dash Headlights/Foglight Buttons
  • Dash ECS/Window Defogger Buttons
  • Dimmer Button
  • Window Washer Button
  • Keyring Light
  • Gas 'Empty' Light
  • Cruise Control Button
  • Ashtray Light
  • Digital AC Control Buttons
  • Complete installation directions with diagrams

Additional Colors

Core Information

  • Depending on our client's preference, Midnight Auto Concepts is able to provide a core replacement for each unit for an easy transition between stock units and our modified unit. The client is also welcome to send in his or her current unit for modification to avoid all core charges. All units sent in for modification will be modified and returned in a timely fashion. Core charges vary per unit, which will be refunded upon receiving your replaced units. To request our list of core charges, please feel free to email us.

  • Model: MA-3SLEDKIT
  • Manufactured by: Midnight Auto Concepts

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